Monday, November 8, 2010

Who is the Fasnacht Gang?

The Fasnacht Gang is a crazy family with a passion for following Gods lead. Ryan and I were high school sweethearts who stuck it out and ended up walking down the isle May 2005. The past five years have not been all sunshine and fairy dust but with a common desire to love Jesus and love others it is all worth it. We currently have four children:

Graham who is our super smart little man. He is 4 going on 20! He loves to play with cars and annoy his little brothers and sister. Graham came to our family when her was 6 months old and was adopted at 21 months old. We are in an open adoption with his family and enjoy the relationships that have been made through his adoption.

Everett is our tough guy. He is 3 years old and doing so well in preschool that I may just send him to college. He is all boy all the time...until his feelings get hurt. He also entered our family through adoption. We had the privilege of picking him up from the hospital and getting to meet him mom. His adoption was official May 2010.

Israel is our muscle man! He may come in a smaller package but don't let that fool you. He is my snuggle bug lovey boy. Our journey to his adoption was full of bumps and turns!! We are please though to announce that he is an official Fasnacht as of September 23 2010!!!!!

Aurora is the baby of the bunch. She came from my womb, which was a surprise! She is full of joy and life, and can always make us smile. Though she is not adopted her birth was just as awesome!! Ryan was able to deliver her at the hospital.

We love out children!! and we are pleased to announce that God has asked us to travel to AFRICA to bring home our daughter(s). Follow us here are we tackle the day to day living with 4 adding a couple more :)

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