Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Slow Down

Ok to start off I LIED...which I do not do often! I stated that I would not be traveling to the homestudy agency on Monday, well I did. I call them and they said "Please being everything in then we can get STARTED!!" YEAH!! So the 4 tots and I took off and dropped off our app.

Now that the craziness has slowed down I think that I am finding myself nesting...haha. I wonder if God is being silly. With each of my boys before the came to live with us I "nested" for about 9 MONTHS grrrr and then...WOW HERE IS A BABY. So maybe It will be late next year, which would be AWESOME!

I have been slowly dropping some of the therapy that my boys receive...which is adding to the slowness and I am LOVING IT! I left all of my kids in their pjs this am and they are wearing those same pjs as I write this, in their beds sleeping. Or at least I hope they are asleep! I am trying to choose some really exciting things to do over the next year with 4 kids that will be tougher to do when we add more. Not sure what that will look like yet but I am sure I will find something to do!

I am gearing up to go to Maine in Dec or Jan...OVERLY EXCITED...I miss my family and my town! My children seem to relax up there and grow! This visit will be extra exciting because we will be blessed to visit with multiple childhood friends! That's the good stuff right there...not talking with someone for say like 15 years and being able to feel comfortable. Or at least I kids might scare them a

I received an e-mail from WACAP today telling me that they are excited to work with us and we should be hearing more soon! Also Ryan brought home $13.00 from work from candy sales :)

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