Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chug a chug a CHOO CHOO!!!!

We we are SOOO on the train now!! The train to Africa that is...ok a special train that can swim :). Ryan and I stayed up late last night and completed 80% of the homestudy paperwork!! Today we will be writing our autobiography's and that will complete all the things that we can complete with out waiting to things to come in the mail. I will be making a trip out to Common Sense Adoption on Monday to turn in everything that we have so far along with our first payment of $500, which my Husband has so graciously said can sit on a CC and then the adoption account can pay him back when the money comes in. When I posted that we had $258 in the account I was forgetting that I mailed a check for $250 for the application fee and so we have $8.00 :) but I have total and complete faith the The Lord MY GOD will provide and bring my baby(s) home!!!

Truth and Charis your family is so in LOVE with you already! I cannot believe in what seems like a few short months you will be still here with us and I can just tell you how much you are loved. My prayer today is still that you have someone, your mother, a worker at an orphanage, or just a stranger showing you the love that your Father from Heaven has for you!!!

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