Friday, November 12, 2010

Gods Peace

This week feels amazingly FULL of adoption details. I am savoring every moment because I know the wait is in the future and patience is something that I am working on. In about an hour Ryan and I will be leaving for our first meeting with the homestuday agency (common sense adoptions). I feel completely at peace with our decision to go with them! I feel that God confirmed in my soul last night that we have the right adoption agency and homestudy agency. Ryan and I attended a meeting held by Bethany Christian, though they sounded great...they are just not working where I believe my children are. So with the pending meeting I am needing to remind myself that God will provide the financing Ryan and I just need to walk in faith...the current balance in the adoption account is around $250.00 and the first payment is due to the homestudy agency SOON and is $500.00 BUT I am CONFIDENT that my GOD is THAT BIG that HE can double the money in the account in time for that first payment!!!! Bring on the candy money ;)

I will post after the meeting to confirm that they are amazing!!!

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