Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lia Sophia Fund Raiser

We are trying to be creative when it comes to raising the funds to bring our child(ren) home! I posted on Facabook, about a month ago, our calling to adopt again and wanting fundraising ideas. The response from loving friends was AWESOME!! A friend I met in high school offered to have a Lia Sophia show for me and donate all of her profit, 30% of the shows sales!! Also, as if that was not generous enough, she has committed to donating 10% from any show booked from my show. Well the night for the show was last night November 9 2010 and we had about 7 women show up and do about $350 in sales (which means about $100 for the adoption woohoo). The show was great, getting to shop for jewelry is always fun, and having women to talk with was amazing! I am aware of some orders that will be placed online soon so I will have to give the final amount raised at a later date. My family is very grateful for the giving spirit that God has given Alisha and the desire to support families!

We are currently selling candy bars, yum. We set a box at Ryan's place of employment, and friends took 3 others to sell. We spent $156.00 up front and we will make $156.00 profit after all the candy has sold. I am totally relying on God for the funding of this adoption and trusting that through my small acts they will help with the big picture! You never know who you will meet and how you can impact them in a positive way. Through raising funds for our adoption I have been able to tell many people about God and his desire for our eternal adoption through the payment of Jesus on the cross...what an amazing journey God has asked me to take!!

I "stumbled" upon another funding idea last night while searching on google, gotta love google. All I have to do is collect old cell phones and ink cartridges, and mail them into a recycling company who will pay for the shipping...and 10 days later I will receive a check. Now even if I receive $10.00 it is enough to pay for passport photos or for shipping to send documents! The company will refurbish the phones and provide them to lower income households as a means of communication. I am also excited about properly disposing these items so they do not pollute our environment.

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