Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life according to Everett...

So beginging this blog is a total step in faith...I really want others to know and believe that raising children with special needs is doable and totally WORTH IT. So I just needed to say that before telling the tale of last night :)

Last night was a very exciting night! Ryan had his appointment to get his passport!!!! We all loaded into the car and headed to the Mount Joy public library, did you know they do passports? We arrived all excited and joyful that we are taking another step towards traveling to Africa...and then it happens...Everett decided that he did not like the joyful feelings and that he did not want to go into the library. It took a good a good 5 mins to talk him down and then proceed to walk into the library...a bit frazzled but still excited. While our attention is other wise occupied by the paperwork and pictures and signatures Everett and Aurora get into a brother sister battle, completely normal right? Well not for a child with PTSD that type of "fight" in an unfamiliar environment completely sets him off. Ryan ended up needing to take him out through a rear entrance to calm him down while I finished up and took the other three out to the car. When Ryan finally got Everett into his car seat, he is STILL SCREAMING and spitting and trying to get unbuckled. My amazing Husband turns to me and says "isn't it amazing how the devil is trying to take root in our children to keep us from bringing our daughters home"...what good in site he has into the amazing calling God has given us. I think a couple years ago we both would have been thinking "why are we going to add more to this chaos" but God is making beauty from ashes and asking for great things from us.

To end this know that Ryan had to spend almost 45 minutes when we arrived home getting Everett dress and ready for bed...praying over him...and them settling him enough to get into his bed. I am glad that God is making Ryan into such a strong man.

We are VERY EXCITED also to announce that we sent in our application TODAY!!!!!!! NOVEMBER 11 2010...I believe that things will move in His timing and I cannot wait to see what that looks like!

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