Monday, March 11, 2013

The storm...

The is attempt first was forever deleted and has me slightly discouraged beginning this one. I am attempting to fumble through and put words to emotions that are indescribable...

Today started as all of our visits have began, we arrived at the WACAP house to discover that Truth was hiding waiting for us to find her. We watched the now familiar videos of her brothers and sisters back home, we completed a puzzle, talked about Hagos and just excited as a family. This now familiar child of mine sat cuddled against her Daddy as though she has always been there, our way of communicating is very fluid and feels comfortable, I feel towards her as I do all of my children a great feeling of love, pride, worry, ect all rolled together. That is what makes this visit so hard.

That comfortable feeling of family is about to be ripped from under her ow secure feet.  I am going to  crush this little girl and there is no way around it. Through some of the nannies we tried to explain that this was our good bye for now visit and mommy and daddy were leaving...the look on her face was enough to send the entire room of adults into tears. She was unbelievably upset and try as she might to hold back the tears her eyes swelled over and over. This little lady who so easily slid into our hearts was now clinging for dear life to her daddies neck, begging with her eyes for us to go to bat for her and take her with us. The joy that had filled this beautiful little face had vanished left were dark eyes and trembling lips...the drive away was some of the worst pain I have yet to experience.

The adoption went quickly, we were the second family called. In the judges room the immense joy of the adoption collided with the intense grief Ryan and I were still feeling and made for a very emotional Mommy and Daddy when the judge stated that the court approves our adoption and from this day forth Hirite is our daughter!

We were invited out to coffee with the WACAP staff member here in the city. During that time he explained that he has worked with the court a long time and that he will work hard to get Hirite home sooner rather then later! He thinks that with her medical conditions he will be able to have them move along faster. He promised to go and spend the day with Hirite tomorrow so that if she has questions or wants to talk he will be there for her. He also shared with us his email address and encouraged us to email often and that he would get the messages to Hirite!

As we get ready to leave Ethiopia we are faced once again with this strange storm of emotions we are beyond excited to see our children in the states but are devastated to be leaving one behind...

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  1. Sooooo sad for Truth and you both as you said good-bye. But it's wonderful that you are able to be in touch with the WACAP man and Truth via email!!! Praying that time will move quickly for you to return!

    Love, Mom F