Thursday, March 14, 2013

Be ready for anything...

The speed in which God answered my questions today is honestly baffling...I am used to waiting, comfortable waiting, expect to be waiting. Getting an almost immediate response seems strange.

The questions to others may seem very small but to me they are HUGE! While in Ethiopia IN COURT it was told to us that instead of January 1 2001 being our daughters birth date it was actually November 15 2002! Meaning that she had just turned 10!!!! Now the question at hand was about the CDC requirements for an 8 weeks test period if it started at age 10 or after age 10. My caseworker was quite sure that it was at age 10 so the Truth would HAVE to wait an EXTRA 8 weeks!!! The adoption worker and I also discussed the time frame for our return trip to Ethiopia and she was quite shocked that the WACAP employee in Ethiopia was insistent that we would be back within two months to BRING TRUTH HOME (being that our adoption worker here believed that there needs to be an EXTRA 8 weeks). Well I returned from picking my nephew up to find an email! In the email it said this...

         "Children over 10 years of age are subject to an extended TB test (8 weeks) by the US Embassy. You said her age was changed to 10 years. Thus, she should not be subject to that testing period. (hmmmmm.) Combined with the information that surgery is suggested, your case could very well be expedited. I know Ato Teklu will work hard on your behalf for that."

DON"T YOU JUST LOVE THE "hmmmmmmm" lol...God is going to totally challenge WACAP's way of thinking! They have WATCHED as HE has moved mountains (the woman who would not allow us to have Truth being replaced), they have SEEN the dedication and patience that we have had to bringing Truth home and they will WITNESS God's amazing plan for this special little lady!!!!!!

Our worker ended the email with the words "Be ready for anything!"

Gotta love it when God sends you an email ;)!!!! 

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  1. Awesome,Dani!!!!

    Can't wait to see God move again!!

    AMEN and AMEN!