Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I have seen many profile pictures change over the past couple days showing my fiends support, or disagreement with same sex marriage. I have also read post after post about how this matter is"unfair","unequal","just wrong" I have read those comments about both sides "a same sex relationship should have the same rights as one man and one woman"..."it is just wrong to allow same sex marriage" and so on and so forth...what I am amazed by is how offended everyone is becoming when someone disagrees with their opinion, their whole world is all of a sudden unfair! And we begin to forget that we are all neighbors!

Well WELCOME TO MY WORLD! Life is NOT fair, if it were there would be no room for growth in any way, no way to practice patience, love, forgiveness. I have been screamed at, beaten down, sent to the hospital, made horrible decisions, been judged by my decisions, had other parents judge my children based on appearance, had someone tell me they "hate my child", and I could go on and on...what is fair about a life full of feeling hated by the outside world? Parents of children with extra needs know where I can coming from it is a day to day battle with almost everyone around me!!!! I have to walk through the mud in order to get why shouldn't everyone have to as well?

The difference in a Christ followers life vs someone who has yet to meet him really should be our response to the unfair!!!!!!! And our fierce protection of people all around us in all walks of life!

The last time that I checked Jesus was very clear of the greatest commandment..."love The Lord our God with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like it, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF...

Now a sin is a sin but I will love each and every person that walks into or out of my life to the best of my ability! I will not change that love based on life choices, past or present sins. So I challenge my friends to MAKE SURE you are loving all those around you EVEN those with a different opinion on this current hot topic!

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