Monday, March 18, 2013

Thankful to obey...

Today Selah had her one year re-evaluation for early intervention. I honestly cannot say enough GREAT things about this program! I believe that it has helped my children in more ways then I have time to discuss in this post! If anyone would like info on it PLEASE just ask me!!!

Anyhow...During this evaluation a random thought popped into my head, that thought started to roll around and before I knew it I had a mondo sized thought process going on that is almost confusing!

The thought..."I am thankful for the OT services that Selah has received", the reason that she has these services was because we were willing to have her evaluated. I am thankful that I was taught as a child to obey...

see how I make myself crazy daily...

This "thought walk" really got me processing the idea of listening to saying YES to God. Being an obedient follower of Christ. What if I would have said "No" to the idea of early intervention in my children's lives? Would they be as well adjusted? be able to deal with all the sensory we encounter on a daily bases? be able to talk, walk or fully function? Maybe...would it have been as smooth a process as it was with the help of early intervention? why WHY would we choose to say NO to anything that God would ask of us? To intentionally walk our paths at our own speed instead of Gods? I mean God wants what is BEST for US, I want what is BEST for my CHILDREN.

So if I would have been fully aware that my children needed help and chosen NOT to help them they would suffer, and so would we...Just like being fully aware of what God is asking of us and us STILL saying no, we  would suffer BUT SO WOULD GOD...He would/is hurt when He asks things of us and we shrug it off, "someone else will take care of that", "oh maybe later", "I could NEVER do that", or maybe "those kids look sad but I cannot adopt".

My mind is still racing and trying to straighten out what God is laying on my heart...these nagging thoughts and images of obedience, and examples of listening or choosing not to...

There is no conclusion to this post, maybe I am writing this only for me, maybe there is someone wrestling with a prompt from God (SAY YES)...maybe it is as simple as someone who NEEDS help for their child but they are embarrassed to ask (No judgement here! 4 out of my 6 kids have received some form of help!). I am truly not sure...


I leave you with this...Isiah 65:11-12
"But you who abandon me, your God,
   who forget the holy mountains,
who hold diners for lady luck
   and throw cocktail parties for sir fate,
Well, you asked for it. Fate it will be:
   your destiny, Death.
For when I INVITED you, you IGNORED me;
   when I SPOKE to you, you BRUSHED me off.
You did the very things I exposed as evil:
   you chose what I hate."

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