Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beauty in the waiting...

I am finding, through this journey to Truth that there is true beauty in the waiting. We first laid eyes on our daughter April 1 2010 it has been almost 2 years that I have been over the top in love with this child I have yet to meet. God has been able to show me many things in this period of waiting such as a new appreciation for my friends and family who are waiting with me coming along side us through monetary donations to ensure that we can BRING TRUTH HOME. I have learned better how to parent my 5 children, how to truly believe that time with others is so much more important then a tide house, that cereal is an acceptable dinner, to relax. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is absolutely necessary for Truth to remain in Ethiopia as long as she safely can. She is with very loving and caring house mothers and a bunch of amazing children she has grown to love and trust. Taking her from that is going to cause pain beyond our understanding! I feel blessed to be waiting...because now that Truth is "marked" as ours her wait has ended. Though she may not know it yet it is our time to wait she HAS a family no matter how long it takes for her to be here physically with us!! I carry the burden of waiting with great joy knowing that my DAUGHTER is at the other end!!!

We received news today that the court system has once again changed and that our travel will now most likely not happen until late April or Early May. I was first hit with sadness and a slight feeling of loss BUT then I looked to where my strength comes from and was reminded that Truth NEEDS every minute, hour, day, week, month that she can get in Ethiopia before she becomes a Fasnacht and I NEED to want that for her! It is beyond selfish of me to rush her time with everyone that she knows and trusts. So I am boldly saying that I am MORE THEN WILLING to wait for my daughter!

During this extra time I will enjoy crafting more items to help BRING TRUTH HOME. We will complete the basement, decorate Truths room, enjoy the time, and not wish a day away :)

We ask for continued prayers for everyone who comes into contact with any part of this adoption!!! WACAP already knows us ;) and we pray that others will know us to for being that family WILLING TO WAIT on God's perfect timing!!! Truth is an amazing little lady we are sure of that!

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