Monday, January 14, 2013

Are you positive...

A question was asked of me recently..."ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO ADOPT "TRUTH""??? My response was "Yes we are positive..." From fall 2010 when God told Ryan to "Bring your daughter home from Ethiopia" we have been on a journey to Truth. There have been many bumps and for a time we thought that Truth may be a different child then the one we were matched with in the first place...but after almost a year of "waiting" after becoming pregnant Truth was still there waiting, needing a family. I was positive that if it were Gods will to bring Truth home then he would lay it on Ryan's heart again so I waited (and waited and waited) and finally Ryan says to me randomly "we would never have an abortion would we?" I believe I just looked at him and he continued with "then how can WE stop our adoption" and we were positive again and started to process when Selah was 5 months old. We are positive that this little lady may NOT want a family, we are positive that bringing home a 12 year old girl is going to be beyond challenging, We are positive that she will use the famous "you are not my mother/father/brother/sister/family" lines, We are positive that she WILL long to return to Ethiopia, We are positive that we have a long road ahead, We are positive that we already have a great therapy team ready and waiting on Truth (Drs, therapists, counselors, friends, neighbors, family), We are positive that we love this child no matter if she loves us back, We positive that the pieces of joy are worth the struggle, and WE ARE POSITIVE THAT NO MATTER WHAT JESUS IS HERE/THERE/EVERYWHERE WITH US!!!! This question was asked of me out of a very sad very hurt place but I appreciate it. I appreciate that this friend took the time to ask and make sure that we are prepared for the worst BUT looking forward to the best :).

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