Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In a nut shell...

Our Journey to Truth (in a nut shell)...

In August of 2010 Ryan threw me a curve ball. He tole me one day after church that God told him to go to Ethiopia and bring his daughter home. Knowing my Husband this is HUGE Ryan BELIEVING that GOD SPOKE TO HIM!!! I had thought that we were "taking a break" and maybe would parent more children in the future. We started to research agencies and found that WACAP was the only agency that lined up with what we were looking for. One of our key questions had been "what would happen if we were matched and then became pregnant?" WACAPs response was that it would be up to us if we continued with the match (we were sold). Everything went SO FAST!!!...

November 2010...sent in application to WACAP and started Homestudy

Ryan drops another bomb that he believes that it is to be TWO girls!!!!!!!!

December 2010..."approval" of application to WACAP
February 2011...Homestudy is completed and sent to WACAP (for 2 girls)
Early March 2011..WACAP decides they will only allow 1 girl
March 29 2011...Introduction phone call from WACAP...during this phone call we expressed our desires for the age and situation of our daughter.
April 1 2011...WE ARE MATCHED!!!
June 1 2011...WE ARE PREGNANT...

LOL so there will be 2 girls ;)

August 2011...WACAP stopped our adoption due to our pregnancy
January 2012...Selah is Born!!!
February 2012...I e-mail WACAP about Truth ;)...they respond that we need to wait 6 months from Selah's birth (which would be July)
June 2012...I e-mailed again ;) asking if I could at least start the paperwork that would be needed to BRING TRUTH HOME
June 2012...WACAP said YES!!


October 2012... Re-matched with TRUTH
January 23 2013...SUBMITTED TO COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 29 2013...Truth's court date

To clarify in Ethiopia there are multiple things that need to happen before a child can be adopted. First there is a whole gathering of documents and getting things ready. There then has to be a court date (March 29, 2012) on this date it has to be proven that Truth is an orphan and "needs" to be adopted. On the day of that court date or soon after the court will assign a date for Ryan and I to attend to adopt Truth!...

I hope that this catches anyone up to speed that may just to joining us :) We are open to questions!!!

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