Friday, February 22, 2013

The Burn...

As we share our joy and excitement over the timely court hearing for our daughter in Ethiopia I do not want anyone to miss the extreme pain that her "house mom" or "Mommy" is facing. I imagine that Truth's current mommy has such mixed emotions about her adoption! She has know this day would come and she had thought that she had a month to say goodbye...then in our joy filled moment her world was crushed, the 37 days that she had to say goodbye just flew out the window. She now only has a day or two until she has to say goodbye for what may be forever! Mommy who has loved this child as her own for over 3 years is having to release her into someone else's care, to be adopted by someone she has never met and will never truly know. I imagine that her joy and grief are so mixed together that she honestly could not pull them apart if she tried. I have to admit that my joy is so mixed with the burn of pain for her that I am overwhelmed. I have been near tears for the last two days I just feel for this Mommy!

I ask that my friends and family join together with me to be praying and praying for every part of Truth's adoption BUT right now PLEASE PRAY for her "Mommy" pray for peace, love, understanding, pray that she knows Jesus and can place her trust in Him pray that her void is filled with the knowledge that Truth will be cared for and loved! Pray that she is able to hug, cuddle, love on Truth as much as possible until she is to move to the transition home.

Remember that no matter how long a "Mommy" cares for a child their love will last their lifetime...please just pray!

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