Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Adopt?

We have faced this questions more times then we can count in the recent weeks. More often the question ends is "again"...but I think that to truly understand why we would adopt again you must have knowledge of what is standing behind our passion. We have a deep and unmeasurable belief that God, our Father, calls us to care for others. We have decided to completely and totally dive into any challenge that God asks of us. Being asked to take in complete strangers as our own children, we believe, is a HUGE HONOR. God has in trusted us with the least of His who he ranks higher then most. We are stunned and amazed that our Father trusts us, with all our blemishes, to care for His children. When people limit their family to a number of biological children that is "comfortable" to them it is though they have slammed a door is God's face, saying "we want (insert # here) children" is like saying "we cannot trust in God's plan for our family". In no way do those word mean that everyone should adopt...just that everyone should be seeking God in everything! We are living in a very self centered time! More Christians need to step up and take in a child in Lancaster County alone there are 25 children and youth that just spent Christmas alone, those of you who have children picture them all alone last week. We are sickened by the selfish life styles we watch people they so easily forget that everything that we posses belongs to God, YOU ARE SPENDING GODS MONEY ON FOOLISH THINGS THAT JUST FADE!!!!!! We are a family of 6 living very well on a lower middle class income, in a 3 bedroom townhouse, our children have all of their needs met plus more and God is always finding creative ways to bless our family!! He has told us that the time has come to bring our Daughter home from Africa...though this is completely terrifying (like I said we are a family of 6 already) we are thrilled with this next challenge. The money needed looks a little daunting, though we have somehow :) had every cent needed so far.

Day to day living is almost never sunshine and fairy dust but our children have a mother and father who love them, a family who accepts them, and a Heavenly Father who already knows their path...We have gained so much more then we will ever be able to give back, plus tied our children's biological families forever with ours, and at the end of the day we have wonderful, frustrating, beautiful, annoying, creative little children that we longed for.

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  1. Danielle, it is refreshing to "hear you talk" about letting God determine our family size and make-up. Having a large family can make us feel quite alone in our culture today, and especially since we didn't pick our magic number of children but are open to God's blessing and plan. Thanks for sharing with such an open heart and know that I was encouraged! I pray that your home study was successful and that God's will be fulfilled in your family.


    Melissa Groff