Saturday, January 8, 2011

Timeline update...

I need to make note of some important things that have been happening...

Friday January 7 2011...mailed my birth certificate to Maine for authorization.
...Ryan's birth certificate arrived in the mail!!!!
...My Mom surprised us with a gift of a clean house through Merry Maids.
...The loan check arrived from my Grandparents.

In the upcoming week we have our home safety check and the first meeting for our homestudy. This weekend is being spent getting the house ready (minus the cleaning lol thanks mom). "Nana" gave Graham, Israel, and Aurora their birthday presents early though the gift of a storage system for our basement playroom. I was able to set that up this am and have been busy storing all or our wonderful toys in it. I think that the biggest project to get done will be our bedroom, it becomes the dump spot :) As silly as it is I am asking for peace in donating most of the infant boys and girls clothing that I still have around...I believe that if Gods plan holds a baby the things needed will come as always.

Baby/Big Girl(s) Truth (and poss Charis) Mommy love you so much! I am teaching myself to be organized. With 6 in the house and possibly 2 more I need to be! I cannot wait to hear your laughter behind me while I update this blog with how you are adjusting. I now know why God has trained me in patience these past four years...the wait for you would be awful if I was not sure in Gods timing and not my own...waiting for you with much LOVE!!!

Truth, because I am positive you are coming soon, I want you to know that I actually ache for you. When I put Aurora to bed at night I imagine you laying in a bed close by with your lovey blanket and special toy, maybe a purple cup and a baby doll or two. Aurora received a baby doll for Christmas that is named Truth to hold your place until you can hug her yourself. When you come home we will have an Aurora doll waiting for you :) I just want you here so badly, but again I AM SURE IN GODS TIMING...Thank you Jesus for loving my little girl while I sit miles and miles away dreaming of her.

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