Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And so it begins...

I am sitting (hiding) in my basement while wonderful woman from "Merry Maids" clean my house. This marks the beginning of my homestudy, yes the paperwork was a beginning but this is a different beginning. The caseworker coming out to the house tonight will be writing a report and detailing our family's personal life in that report. She will also be giving a professional opinion whether or not we are ready, willing, and able to care for another child at this point in our life's journey. I must say that I am totally at peace, I am relying on Gods timing for this whole process and am looking forward to meeting "Deb". I believe that satan is trying to push at me though, all say Monday I was very sick then Everett was sick all night Monday and Ryan was sick if we were going to delay this lol. I will say that I love that there is an interview process for adopting a child and not for birthing one...I am totally saying this in humor!! Could you imagine going in for an interview 9 months pregnant to see if you qualify to parent your child. That is a silly 9 month pregnant I may have said I am not qualified and if you let me deliver now you can have the baby, very uncomfortable time for me :)

Today we woke up to beautiful snow which will forever be a calming site to me! I love snow, it reminds me of fun family outings, taking lunch to my Dad, spending time with Mimi, snowmobiling with Des and cousins, and a feeling of being safe. It is also a great symbol of how Jesus was able to cleanse the most dreadful of us.

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