Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before you pass judgment...

This post is for anyone who wishes to judge me...recently I have been flooded with opinions on my life and just wanted to make sure that those who are choosing to judge have a glimpse of what they are judging...

Yes I AM that mom who shows up to preschool late almost everyday, but did you know that I have been sitting in the parking lot trying to calm my screaming 4 year old for the past 20 mins?

Yes I AM that mom who left the full shopping cart at the store with a 4 year old over my shoulder while carrying an infant carseat and had 3 other children following along, but did you know my son has PTSD?

Yes I AM that mom who brings my own snacks for my children to school, church, and other outings, but did you know my children have allergies?

Yes I AM that mom who just screamed at the innocent looking little boy in the parking lot, but did you know he just spit in my face?

Yes I AM the mom who had an issue with my sons nails being painted in school, but did you know that we are trying to raise young men (not women)

Yes I AM the mom who is scared to death of my children making new friends, but did you know that one "wrong interaction" at a friends house can set off weeks of bad behavior at home?

Yes I AM the mom who has been "gone" 4 weeks this year, but did you know that I was in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism and then had to rush to Maine because of the passing of my best friend, my Mimi?

Yes I AM the mom who chose to have 5 kids, but did you know that all things are possible through Jesus?

Yes I AM the mom who is being judged, but do you realise that your judgment hurts?

Here are a list of SOME of the diagnoses that my children carry...RAD, PTSD, PDDnos, anxiety disorder, mood disorder...honestly the list goes on and on. We have a MT, TSS, BSC, outpatient therapy, IU13 involvement, MHMR casemanagment, ect. for the children.

I challenge anyone who was not walked a day in the life of special needs to google search the diagnoses that I listed...

Yes I AM the mom who said YES when God asked me to parent my children!

Yes I AM the mom who gets excited that my 4 year old learned some of his colors, but did you know that I was told he would never talk?

Yes I AM the mom who is super proud of my 6 year old learning to read, but did you know that I cannot show that to him or it makes him act out? (google RAD)

Yes I AM the mom who longs for a relationship with my child, but did you know he physically hurts me daily?

Yes I AM the mom who has WONDERFUL children with extraordinary challenges.

AND YES I AM THE MOM who would not trade this life for any other!!!!

Though my days are filled with struggles I know that God is using all of my children's challenges to make them the men and women they need to be. about the next time you would like to judge me, you pray for me instead!

This post is just meant to shed light on what life with children who require extra parenting looks like...I am not looking for pity, just trying for transparency...


  1. Well said, you amazing mama!! I <3 you and your kids!! Thanks for being you!!

  2. I can't imagine anyone judging you. You are an amazing Mom and a great example. Keep doing what your doing!

  3. You have been nothing but an inspiration to me! I look at you and all your blessings and think, wow she is amazing! I will never forget the day you opened your home to me for Ian's birthday party. I got to see what it was like to have 4 kids so close in age and how true friends will always be there. God will not give us more then we can handle. You are an amazing mama!