Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And Selah makes 4...

So Selah makes four...

four what? Not my fourth adoption, Not my fourth girl, Not my fourth child...My fourth child that will require, what we like to call, "extra parenting".

Yes I have been blessed with another child with special needs, and for that I am PRAISING JESUS!!!! This is an answer to so many of my prayers. Prayers for my boys not to feel "different" because they are adopted. Prayers that God would bless me with another baby. Most of all a answered prayer that others would not view my sons special needs as if they are due to being adopted!!!!! So here it is in Black and White...Selah Grace Stevens-Fasnacht, my fifth child, my second biological child, has some extra needs that are requiring therapy, making her my FOURTH child with special needs.

Jesus is so good to us! Honestly Aurora is the hardest child for me to raise because I need to think very differently when parenting her, Selah's needs make her my normal.

When my child has a need it is my responsibility to make sure that I address that need in the best way possible to give my child the best start to life. I truly believe that God gave me exactly the children that I was meant to parent, yes even on the BAD days! I feel blessed to have as many therapists in my children's lives as I do...they are such a wealth of knowledge. I am a better parent with their training and guidance.

"Extra parenting" comes with a list of requirements that I believe are a MUST for successful parenting.
1. Run after your Jesus...if you are not I cannot see how you will be a successful parent.
2. Check your pride at the door...caring what others think when you accept a "label" or therapy for your child will drive you crazy!
3. Surround yourself by other parents who "get it"...maybe they are living in the same world as you or maybe they just truly love you and your family.
4.LEARN to ACCEPT HELP!!! Your children can only be as successful as you are healthy...

Friends and family who have been, and are there for this Fasnacht Gang we are forever grateful! Words cannot express how blessed we feel...Thank you.

In conclusion I want to stress that my childrens needs do not define who they are...they are defined by their relationship with Jesus. My prayer for them is that they would live in truth and love like Jesus!!!!AMEN

Selah Grace..."Pause and reflect on God's Grace"

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  1. So sweet. She looks just like you! MAybe we will see you at Shreiber again sometime. :)
    April High