Monday, November 21, 2011

As I ponder on the many reasons why God lead us to Ethiopia just to land me pregnant I stumbled upon something soothing (FINALLY)...I believe that God has shown me a parallel between our daughter in Ethiopia and the story of Abraham in Genesis. In the Bible it tell us that Abraham was promised children...had a son...and then God said to sacrifice him. Ok so that story has always made me cringe bc I would want to know that I would obey God through it all but that is a tough request. Well God has shown it to me in a different light. Abraham was asked to climb the mountain, I was asked to travel to Ethiopia. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son...I was asked to adopt an older child with HIV. God did not tell Abraham until the last possible minute not to sacrifice his son...Our adoption went SUPER FAST and we were at the final stage. God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice...God gave us baby Selah in place of Hirite. God did those things to Abraham to see how fearlessly he feared God...I now believe that God lead us to Ethiopia to see how much trust we are willing to place in Him to form our family. I truly believe that as Abraham was blessed for being obedient so will we. As we continue to grieve the loss of Hirite at least I have this to think on.

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