Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HIV Educations...

Taken from What you need to know: `HIV is considered a chronic but manageable disease with proper treatment.`Children who receive treatment are expected to live a normal lifespan. `HIV has never been transmitted in normal family living conditions. `You NEVER have to fear contracting HIV through casual contact with an HIV+ person. `HIV is spread in three main ways: sexual contact, IV drug use through the sharing of dirty needles, mother to infant (pregnancy, birth or breast feeding.) `All around the world orphans are overlooked for adoption because of their HIV+ status. `Medications called ARVs can mean the difference between life and death. `The combination of three or more ARVs is called HAART. (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) `With medications HIV can be effectively managed to the point that the virus is undetectable in laboratory tests. `There is a term for the miraculous transformation HIV+ people undergo when they begin receiving the medications they need. The Lazarus Effect is a term commonly used to describe people who were once on the brink of death who have been restored again to health through medication. Questions?? Ask away!!!!


  1. When I was doing foster care with HIV+ children, I just remember falling to my knees and crying with joy that one of my babies went from a viral load in the millions to "undectable." It is such an awesome miracle and I can't wait to see that miracle happen in Truth!

  2. What kind of precautions do you need to take if she would get cut or have a nose bleed?

  3. You need to take universal precautions as you would with anyother cut or nose bleed. Once HIV is exposed to the air it starts to die. We plan on wearing gloves when necessary...and cleaning up any blood with a cleaning product (like we already do for our other children...)