Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Only in HIS timing!!!

I continue to be blown away by how perfect Gods timing is. I could not have planned a more perfect adoption journey!!! Friday we receive "the call" Monday 4/4/11 we received our fingerprinting appointments in the mail for April 21 2011, thanks to everyone who will be watching my kids that day!! AND RYAN RECEIVED A RAISE 4/4/11...perfect timing...God added a family member and the income to provide for her!!!! I feel that Gods peace is such a great place to be! I don't need to worry about my family make up because God know who my family in now!! I feel sorry for fellow Christians who refuse to follow Gods leading...or who cannot feel His presence. I pray for all you that you would be open to allowing God to take full control of your life, family, finances, future!! Remember God make everything work for good...I have found that the words of James are really powerful when living this way!!! I also was to make sure that everyone is aware that my daughter has HIV, we are not intimidated by this fact. If you would like further information on what it means to live with HIV please let me know and I would be more then happy to help educate you :) I would like to get the "education" done with my family and friends before Truth comes home so that at no time among my family and friends will she feel bad for having HIV. Truth: We are chugging away doing everything we can to get to home as soon as God would like! We found your intake photos and wept...We are so thankful to the mommies who have been caring for you! They have done as amazing job. We cannot wait to see you, Peka wants to paint your nails :) Love ya, Mommy(2) and Daddy(2)

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