Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day Prayer...

My Mother's Day prayer...

As I sit here in front of my computer I have some bold words that I wish to say. I have a fierce and unyielding passion to completely and totally change the world as we know it. I find it unacceptable that we as Christians can still sit in our comfy homes, drive our new cars, eat our filling meals, and buy our children the next new thing...WHEN THERE ARE CHILDREN WHO NEED US!!!!!! So here it goes...

Lord I come before you know as a humble woman, I am constantly amazed by all the good you do and all the beauty that you are always showing me. I come to you today to ask that you would make the undying passion you have given me contagious to anyone who may come in contact with my family. I pray that you plow through their walls and excuses...and use them to care for your children! I know, as I say often, that you do not call everyone to adopt a child as you have called me...though I know that you ask all of us to let you use us! I pray that everyone that I know is open to your voice and are willing to scream YES, YES Lord I am ready and willing, use me. Lord I know that through you all things are possible and I am asking for something that my "human side" has a hard time believing. Please Lord change the hearts of those around me, I pray that they can learn to follow you closely and be willing to give it ALL for the Glory of you...Give up some of the material things, the food, the comforts so that we can help others. Please Lord let me share my fire and help it BURN I ask that you rid the world of orphans and challenge your people to be the difference that this world so desperately needs. I thank you for all the blessing I have been able to see. The changed hearts, some of my close friends and family being your hands and feet. Those are amazing things to witness and I ask that I get to see more. All my love belongs to you to use where you see fit...Amen!!!

Friends on a daily basis I am saddened by your selfishness. Though I may never say it I pray for you often that your hearts may be changed and that you would forget the worldly things that tempt you so. I feel hurt for you when I see you hurting and I wish you could understand why I hurt for the children that Jesus love so much. I really am wishing my pain upon you because I believe that God has burdened me with the responsibility of caring for His children. Please wont some of my close friends and family stand beside me and help as well??

Think about it this way...if your child were lost somewhere and you came to me crying don't you think that I would do EVERYTHING possible to help you find your child and insure that they were safe? The orphans of this world are God's children and he is hurting for them...He has asked us to help Him find them and insure their safety, and too many of us say "no", or "I need to think of my family", or "I only want _ kids", what are you saying in response to God's asking us to care for the widows and the orphans (James 1:27)????

I challenge everyone who reads this to really look at what God has allowed you to have, the things, the money, even your children. Are you using Gods money in a way that gives Him joy? If he has blessed you with a large house are you filling it to the max with whoever He asks you to? What about your gifts are you using them as God has asked? Please ask yourself "why did God give me these things, resources, abilities" and then move forward with doing God's work.

God has blessed me by sharing His heart with me. I am confident that God will share this same passion with anyone willing to be lead!!!!

Love to all and Happy Mother's Day!!!

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