Tuesday, March 1, 2011

phone call...

Just got a blow of a phone call...though I am still sure in Gods plan :) WACAP will only allow us to adopt one child at this time...even though our homestudy agency has approved us for two. We are not sure why this is though we are sure that God has a plan and we are doing our best to follow that! I am dealing with feeling of lose, even though there are no chosen children, just the thought of "leaving" one in Ethiopia. I know that God has two children from Ethiopian for us and is must be that he want us in that country four times over the span of the next few years. Please pray for us in our adoption journey and for our daughter "Truth" or son "Hero" depending on girl or boy!!

As far as process goes we have almost all documents turned into WACAP and with the approved homestudy WACAP will be sending in our I600-A application...so time to wait on that!

Thanks for caring...

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  1. Well, obviously God has something up His big sleeve!! I will pray that you have true peace about this decision.