Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zoom Zoom...

I have been needing to update all ya all on the lightening fast track that our adoption seems to be taking...though after my last post I needed a moment to simmer. Well I am done and here it is :)

Saturday February 5 2011 we sent out all documents that needed to be state authenticated, along with $180.00 and were told that it is a 15 day turn around from their "in hands" date. So knowing that it would be 15 days or more I settled into a nice waiting attitude, and almost fell over when I opened the mailbox Wednesday February 9 2011 to find the documents had been returned DONE!!! The date on them was Monday the 7th, totally amazing and only done because God had his hands on our papers ever step of the way!!!

Then...oh it is getting better :)

This past Saturday February 12 2011 I checked my e-mail to find that OUR HOMESTUDY IS DONE!!!! Common Sense was sending it to WACAP via e-mail yesterday to get their approval and make any necessary changes. The next step to that is to pay the final $1500 to common sense and pick up our completed homestudy...and begin the grant applications...

I will be placing all necessary document in the mail today to WACAP. After they have approved our homestudy they will send in our application for the I600-A.

Please continue to pray with us that our children are receiving food and supervision. Also that "money would pour down like rain"...God has been awesome in providing me with consistent work that I can do at home to be able to pay all the adoption fees so far!

Also we want to let everyone know that with the approval of girls or boys we are praying for our children by name...and we added a boy name in case there is a little man waiting on this mommy and daddy to come pick him up.

Truth and Charis or Hero...we are here and growing ever more excited at the thought of being able to see and touch you. We want to love on you and share with you. I (mommy) will find myself picturing in my mind what Easter could look like next year and Hershey Park with 6 kids :)...We are at peace in the knowledge that our Father who has asked us to be your parents is the one watching over you at this very moment, and though I cannot be there HE IS!!

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