Sunday, May 19, 2013

Satan text me!!!!!

I believe that I must truly be on the right path...walking as closely (with human error) to Jesus as I can. I can feel Satan is attempting to attack me! I will not go into all the details but to sum it up two children in the ER was not bad enough I now have had a battle of words with someone in our lives. (I am leaving out ALL identifying information, I believe in transparency but NOT in destroying someone else so that I can move forward!). I think that it was Satan who sent me the text message saying "I think you need help. Amazing how all "your children" have mental or physical illnesses. Get yourself help..." I responded and said "thank you for showing me that a relationship with you at this time is not possible...I am sorry...I hope that someday in the future we are able to have an appropriate relationship"

These are snippets of the text chatting that took place this am. I have to say it caught me off guard and I immediately became hurt, disappointed, angry, and defensive. I felt the need to ensure that my love for my children was believed and heard! I wanted to defend our parenting, I wanted to so the medical documents supporting everything that has been happening in our home...but I didn't...I talked to a few friends...searched Bible gateway ;)...and came to the conclusion that I need to love this other person.

In loving them I blocked them on Facebook, so that they would not have to see when m family is going through. In loving them I left the door unlocked but closed it for now on our relationship, and n love I am committing to pray for them whenever I can.

 Will say that deciding to love and not freak out is NOT EASY and my body still aches with some of the things that were said. I truly value honesty and when someone questions mine it stings!!!! I was amazed though at the verse that God has literally shoved down my throat this hospital stay!!!!!

1Corithians 13...feel free to red it all ;) the parts that I am marinating in a the idea of truly sharing your love for Jesus needs to begin with loving others...even when it hurts...even when you are tired or weak...I even turned into a church service on tv this am that was ALL about exactly what God has been showing me this hospital stay!!!! All BEFORE satan text me!!!!! Wow God equips me for the struggles to come...what a comfort!!!!!!!!

Oh and side note...Paul in the Bible totally ROCKS! ;)

Disclaimer...when saying that satan text me I am in NO WAY saying that the person who is upset wit me is evil!!!!!!!!!! I am saying that satan is attempting to trip me up through this person...

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