Friday, December 3, 2010

Faster then a...not sure :)

I cannot believe how fast things are happening!! I received my dossier instructions yesterday...and today I can check off a couple things already!! I had to ask out local police department to write a letter verifying that we are not criminals, lol, I call and talked to a wonderful secretary who had then ready for me BY NOON!! I dropped of my physical forms for the homestudy and adoption agencies, and did not need a new physical because of just having one for Israels adoption!! They called an hour later to let me know that THEY WERE READY!!! I also called the Maine department of Vital records to see how long the turn around on a birth certificate request is (online it says between 6 and 10 weeks). The awesome woman on the phone said "oh honey we would have that back to you in 5-7 business days, if that!" so the kids and I trotted off to the post office and the request has been sent! I called the Lancaster County Court House to request a certified copy of our marriage licence...thinking that this one would have to be the one to snag me on my all to productive day...the woman on the phone said she was processing it as we spoke and I could come pick it up at my earliest convenience!! I am not done yet!!! When Ryan got home he brought in the mail and in the mail was his SS statement, which was due to arrive in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! I just cannot say enough HOW BIG IS MY GOD!!! I can feel the mountains moving and see the work of his hand! No one can stand in His way!!Oh and I deposited $168.00 into the adoption account today :) that just always makes me happy.

Thank you to everyone who is contnuing to pray for my WHOLE family! Another praise to through out there is that Everett just lost another TSS and we found out his BSC was also leaving so I called another agency and they are able to staff the BSC as of the 13th of Dec...that is amazing!

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