Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rage on Boy...


It happened...


guess how long it lasted?



Prayer and Essential Oils!!!!!

Seriously people. This is freaking fantastic! A typical full rage lasts at a minimum 45mins ON MEDICATION!!!!!!! He was full blow as we call it...Ryan asked him to clean up for supper and BAM gone just like that! He was growling, screaming, and hitting at Ryan when I got outside to see what was going on. I have the "you have two choices either clean up or go to bed"...he growled...I reminded him "I will now count to 3 if I reach 3 I will make the choice for you". I could see there was NO WAY he would be backing down or calming down or whatever you want to call it at this point. For those of you reading please know I do not mean a typical childhood tantrum where they cry for a while and throw a couple things...I am talking someone was going to end up in the hospital if we did not handle this correctly. I got to 3 and asked Ryan to carry him inside to his bedroom. The whole time he was clawing at Ryan and hitting, kicking, screaming things you never want to hear anyone say...On the way to his room I was panicking in my head thinking what medications do I have on hand to knock this kid out (per the Dr) so that we do not end up at the ER...Ryan placed him onto his floor and went for my oils bag. When Ryan returned he was still screaming at me but I caught a look on his face when he saw the bag that is not common during these rages...hope...he looked like he actually thought I could help him. I flipped him to his belly and dropped peace and calming, peppermint, and valor down his spine and massaged it up and down then out to the sides trying to push it into his little body. The whole time I am praying that God would lead my hands and choose the oils bc I was still scared. I flipped him back to his back and applied peppermint on his head, release to his neck and behind his ears and then joy to his heart. Though I could tell he was trying to stay mad his body very quickly started to relax! I asked him what he thought he needed to do and he replied "pray". He prayed a very sweet prayer to Jesus and then I asked what he should do next and he BURST INTO REAL TEARS and said "say sorry to daddy". He jumped up off the floor and embraced Ryan for a long time sobbing that he was so sorry he made a poor choice and he wants to stay calm. We talked about how he now needed to return to outside and follow through on cleaning up. He turned to walk upstairs paused looked over his shoulder at me and a whole new set of tears started as he ran into my arms and cried for a while THANING ME for helping him to calm down with oils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM STILL IN AWE. I cannot put a dollar amount on what this is worth to us as a family. My son is HEALING in front of our eyes.

Please continue to pray with us! I know that through Jesus this is possible. In the moment it seemed like all hope was gone...actually it was just waiting for me to find it :)

So Rage on my Boy Rage on...healing is a comin...


  1. You are an inspiration to all parents for your dedication to helping these little ones. I plan on ordering some oils as soon as i can for our family.

  2. We are living out these very same experiences, FINALLY seeing a reduction in rages. When they come they are over much quicker, and with regular application they are further apart.
    We too, are seeing real emotions of remorse, and he is beginning to trust us more as we have more help to offer through these oils.