Friday, April 12, 2013

4.5 hours...

This post is more for Ryan but thought everyone could get a good laugh out of my day ;)

Alarm, aka Selah, goes off at 6:40am
I awake to find my princess up and cheery...but tube free.
6:45 5 children come racing down the stairs for breakfast (Graham, Everett, Blake, Israel, and Aurora)
Ryan prepares breakfast while I clean the tape gunk off the tube
I quickly jump onto facebook to search out some answers to a tube related question
7:30 5 kids are fed hubby is in the shower...
I start the morning routine of kids getting dressed, teeth brushed, faces washed, hair done, chores started...
I send my 7 and 5 year olds back up stairs to change into warmed clothing...
I am hand washing the kitchen floor by hand to insure that Selah cannot get ANY food (first of 3 times this happens in a day)
As I prepare her supplies to out the tube back in one of my children asks "what can I do for you mommy" to which I reply "please talk to Selah for a min while I do this" which they reply by becoming violent and totally freaking out...
I pause my tube prep to place said child into a safe predesignated area...getting beaten, spit on, called names, and finally kicked while doing so...and then return to preparing to put Selah's tube in.
Ryan is done in the shower and ready to help hold Selah down...
Tube procedure...
clean tube
put medal thing back into tube so that it can be inserted properly
cut 3 different types of tape so it is ready to go
lay out a blanket to swaddle her in
measure the tube on Selah
Swaddle screaming baby
put tape on her cheek
insert tube...first try did not work, pick up and hug, try again SUCCESS
quickly tape tube, and pull out medal thing
use syringe to pull out stomach contents and make sure tube is in correct spot
flush tube
finish taping and LOVE ON BABY!!!
Once this is done Ryan addresses child who was violent and runs out the door with another child who needs to catch the bus
I finish cleaning the kitchen and move to the dinning room (trust me NOT spotless just the floors)
Start the laundry
Prepare Selah's first feed of the day with her new pump...
oh and by the way it is now 8:20 ;)
I get her all hooked up she is walking around sporting her new backpack...
I finish vacuuming the dining room
Kristi calls and we spent a couple mins chatting about nothing
Selah comes to sit on my lap, I cuddle her
She then VOMITS all over both of us!!!
I quickly stop feed and hang up the phone.
I clean the vomit off the floor, check her pump to see how much she ate about 129 of the 220ml needed
I jump back on the phone an call the Dr, they put me straight threw to the nurse based on the Drs notes
The nurse is not sure what we should so and asks me to keep updating her as to how Selah is acting...our Dr will be in this afternoon
9:00...TSS arrives and we need to rush Israel and Aurora to preschool
(bad mommy moment this is where i mention that my kids woke up and took annoying pills this am ;) )
PLEASE NOTE...Selah and I are STILL covered in vomit
We drop the kids at school
Arrive home in time for a wonderful friend to drop off a ton of pedialyte!
Enjoy a short visit, during which Selah vomits again (small)
Friend leaves and I call the nurse back
Nurse takes notes and asks if I can manage her at home, yes, and says that it does not sound like a virus but she is not familiar with FPIES so just to keep her updated...I explain that I would like to give her a tube feed of pedialyte to insure hydration, nurse agrees that sounds good.
10:30 give pedialyte feed...
Selah and Everett play wonderfully while mommy researches FPIES, and cleans the tube supplies from the am...along with various other Mommy things ;) and start this post!
Ryan picks up Israel and Aurora from preschool and arrives home with them around 11:55
Daddy picks up Selah and says something like "She smells a little funny" and I am reminded SHE IS STILL COVERED IN VOMIT!!!!
I stop writing, dance with the kids through "these are the things" song...and change Selah
Changing Selah is MUCH more in depth now!!!...I need to unpin the tube from her shirt, clean the tape off...change clothing and diaper...redress, repin, retape...
Now it is time to start the LUNCH RUSH ;) and clean up procedure again...time to start a tube feed and prepare lunch

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH is anyone else laughing?????? I totally am :) while writing all this out I am reminded of other things like Selah almost knocking her poll over which leads me to laugh that we HAVE A HOSPITAL POLL IN MY HOUSE!!! I am brought to giggles over HOW EXCITED Selah was cleaning up her crayons and her goofy grin she would give when we cheered for her!!! I am smirking over Everett coming downstairs while my friend was here and saying "Who is that lady" ;)...I am still VERY confused by this FPIES but it sure does add a whole new level of crazy to the household!!!

And Honey if you ever arrive home and wonder what I have done all day here are the first 4 and a half hours typed out just hit copy and pate ;)...

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