Thursday, October 25, 2012

Am I?...

A new perspective...

I have allowed my self one too many minutes of feeling upset about my current circumstances. I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself that my children are in an endless circle of Strep, ear infections, lice (YUCK), growth issues, med issues, school issues and so on and so forth...enough is enough.

Tonight I was challenged by a friend that maybe God is allowing ALL this to prepare me for the arrival of TRUTH.

I have now allowed myself to ponder this ;)...I like this perspective. It is as if instead of throwing me into a marathon with no training HE is totally preparing me for it! The more I think about this the more it makes sense!!!! I have been able to experience the many therapies that my children have needed over the past 6 years, I have visited many hospitals (CHOP, St Christophers, DuPont, Lancaster General, Pinnacle, Hershey, and even a hospital in Dover-Foxcroft Me), I have met many specialists...I can see how God has used each of those to help build on so that the next Dr is easier then the one before. This new venture of illness upon illness and the need to meet and greet new Drs and new places can only make the next leg of this AMAZING PARENTING JOURNEY a tad easier!

Truth is going to be coming and God needs me to be prepared...How gracious is HE to prepare me instead of just throw me into the fire!!!

If you find yourself having a crappy day maybe God is just giving you a crash coarse in how to be a better you, how to help a friend tomorrow, how to be prepared for something greater then you can imagine!!!

Thank you Jesus for trusting me enough to ask me to care for Everett with his ear infection, Aurora with her strep, With the privilege of homeschooling Graham, advocating for Israel's invisible disabilities, and believing that I can be strong enough in you to care for Selah while she struggles with growing properly...AMEN!!!

The song "Strong Enough" by Matthew West is what I said OVER AND OVER in my head while in the hospital with my PE and baby is the link

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