Monday, September 12, 2016

Tiny gifts, social security and lawyers oh my!

Before I crazy laugh my way into hysteria I thought I would come to my safe spot and jot down a few notes...

We owe the attorney TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED dollars, totally no big deal because Jesus is ahead of me and money started growing on trees out front yesterday you know when one of my lovely children decided to harm their not so inexpensive instrument.

We owe the attorney a publication fee ($1,000+) to file information in a newspaper somewhere about someone so that this adoption can be finalized and another child can share the Fasnacht name.

This adoption could have been the very easiest out of all the adoptions we have ever done (4 down, many more to come???). Jesus knows that I don't do normal, that I don't appreciate normal and that I certainly do not brag about normal so of course this is anything but normal! We have spent over $3,000 so far on this Journey and will likely be looking at $5,000 to $7,000 more (or more, who knows).

11 days ago Jesus handed me a gift. I teeny tiny gift. 4 pounds of perfection! This baby girl is mine to love for maybe 24 more hours, maybe more maybe less (get the unknown part). I have watched as Jesus has used people to shower this tiny one with diapers, formula, clothing and so on. Anything that she needs has been provided for (Jesus meets needs). Jesus not only loves her mommy enough to pave a way to avoid foster care and a CAR ACCIDENT He loves me enough to gift me this time with her. Time to absorb that 4 pounds of goodness, times to watch Jesus provide for her needs, time to watch her fully accept the love we have to offer (I need to accept the love from others...get it). I feel overwhelmed that Jesus is able to speak to me through a 4 pound piece of perfection! He is speaking to me through a beautiful mess. He is showing me that he is trustworthy and kind, loving and willing. He is showing me that I just need to be as this baby has been...willing to accept.

The phone call before the attorneys call was the social security office...hahaha...they wanted to verify information on my family for a child who is receiving benefits. Side note here, this child was receiving about $100 per month that covered gas to appointments and then was going to be sent to camp...this summer they cut it down to $30 hahahahaha...Its ok Jesus is bigger. This summer I spent countless hours submitting everything needed for a review of his case so that I could help full fund camp...they refused to accept that or talk to me. SO in swoops Jesus, the man on the phone explained that they "randomly review" cases and my sons ended up on his desk. At the end of the call he explained that with my son not living here right now they do not need to take our income into account!!!!! He said we should be recieving a ton more money to help with camp!!!!! AND he said that they OWE US MONEY for the past 24 months that they were shorting us!!!!! Oh my goodness! So basically we had a savings account for such a time as this with no knowledge. Now I have no idea how much this will end up being but I do have an idea it will be exactly what we need!

Whenever I start to feel unseen by the ones around me I stop to look for signs that I am seen by the only one who matters. I have never found a time where Jesus was not fully present in my life!

Tiny gifts, social security and lawyers oh my!