Tuesday, February 23, 2016

...and LOVE

This began as a run on facebook update and decided it was kinder to write my thoughts here then continue the sea of words that would spill onto my friends news feeds. As our friends and family know we have begun the journey of natural healing for my daughter Selah, she is the one with FPIES, lived in the hospital a ton in 2013 (yes the same year that Truth FINALLY came home). We have seen crazy results in very little time with my sweet Selah and I decided that if Selah could take these homeopathic remedies and be willing to eliminate tons of foods from her diet and feel FANTASTIC that I wanted in...I began seeing Dr Tomasetti and his team in the beginning of February. This rambling was all just to fill in the gapes needed to appreciate the following, enjoy...

Today I had "one of those days", we all have them. I am struggling in multiple relationships, my house is a mess, I sprained my ankle on Saturday so I cannot really walk, the emails from the teachers are ongoing...and so on...blah blah blah....I decided to call the Drs office and see if I could get in today to address my aching body, from falling and spraining my ankle. I could tell by the call that they were extremely busy but they got me in anyway and even close to the time Selah was there anyway! Selah had an amazing appointment with Miss Kim! We both were so excited to see how far Selah has journeyed in such a short time. We moved then into my appointment, I hid my "coffee" under the chair so Selah would not bump it and began being seen, About 24 seconds into my adjustment (did you know there is help for a sprain????) Selah says "oh no mommy", and I just knew, She must have kicked my cup over. I was instantly embarrassed and started to get really nervous! I know better then to have a partial cup of anything in an office, I have had other experiences such as this and I was just waiting for the looks of disapproval and comments about not bringing drinks, I tried to apologize quickly and hide my red face promising to clean it up. Guess what...the Drs calm quick reaction of asking someone to get paper towels and smiling at me with no sense of sudden hatred being shown on his face was like a breath of fresh air. A kind woman entered the room cleaned up the mess that my daughter had made due to my poor choice while chatting nicely with Selah. She then left returning shortly with my rinsed out coffee mug. I think I went through the rest of my appointment in slight shock. The Dr accepted my apologies and never once tried to make me feel bad! I felt awesome from the adjustment and left the room to schedule our future appointments. While scheduling Miss Kim surprised me with her homemade cream for my eczema! She had taken her time and found a jar filled it up and gave it to me...no strings...pure beauty. I apologized again at the front desk for my mess and was told "If that's the worst then this is a great day!"  

Not only are we experiencing physical healing through this office we are experiencing family, kindness, grace...and LOVE. PRAISE JESUS for this piece of our journey! There is a bright spot in my darkness and I have found a team willing to take on the Fasnacht Family without fear.